Slums, Camps, Terrorism: Experts Worry about Coronavirus Hitting South Asia

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Saluting IPS Journalists and Supporters during Covid19 Pandemic

By Farhana Haque Rahman
ROME, Mar 30 2020 - As the coronavirus pandemic shifts around the world, now stretching even the developed health services of richer nations to breaking point, here at IPS our dedicated journalists in developing countries are standing... More >>

India’s Trinity of Challenges

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Coronavirus & Early Lessons from China

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Zimbabwe’s Afforestation Challenge

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Coronavirus Worsens Yemen’s Long Tale of Woe

Credit: United Nations

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TRENDS E-Symposium to Address Post-Corona Globalization Challenges

By Ehtesham Shahid
ABU DHABI, Mar 26 2020 (IPS-Partners)... More >>

A Positive Policy Turn for People Most Vulnerable To Drought Worldwide

By UNCCD Press Release
Mar 26 2020 (IPS-Partners)... More >>

East Asian Lessons for Controlling Covid-19

By Nazihah Muhamad Noor and Jomo Kwame Sundaram
KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia, Mar 26 2020 - By the third week of March 2020, the number of Covid-19 deaths in Italy had overtaken the number of deaths in China. Authorities all over the world are restricting the... More >>

COVID-19 in the Time of Insecurity

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