Can Private Finance Really Serve Humanity?

By Jomo Kwame Sundaram and Anis Chowdhury
KUALA LUMPUR and SYDNEY, Jul 14 2020 - The recent explosion of private finance has nursed the hope, dream or... More >>

UNESCO, UNHCR & EDUCATION CANNOT WAIT Call for the Inclusion of Refugees in the Post-Covid-19 Education Effort

Angelina Jolie with Syrian refugees. Credit: UNHCR /... More >>

Toward a More Resilient Europe

By Poul M. Thomsen
Jul 13 2020 - Europe, like the rest of the world, faces an extended crisis. An element of social distancing—mandatory or voluntary—will be with us for as long as this pandemic persists. This, coupled with continued supply chain... More >>

Providing an Education in Favour of Senegal’s Girls

In Senegal, although gender parity has been achieved in favour of girls in...<a href= More >>

Miracle or Mirage? Gangs and Plunging Violence in El Salvador

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The Fuzia Story: Empowering Women Through the Fusion of Cultures and Ideas

By Fairuz Ahmed
NEW YORK, Jul 13 2020 - A young and dynamic digital platform, named Fuzia, has attracted millions of women social media followers and 100,000 active global users with its eclectic mix of content. The platform showcases women’s talent and... More >>